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About Istria

Istria is the western county of the Republic of Croatia and with 2.820 sqm it is the largest Croatian peninsula. For the Middle European countries Istria is the closest coastal destination.

Well-indented coast of Istria, about 455 km long and from three sides washed by the Adriatic sea, belongs to the mild Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild and pleasant winters.

Istria is characterized by, on average, 2.388 sunny hours per year, and the sea water temperature, near the coast, in August, reaching 24°C.

Istria is the peninsula of...

...vineyards, olive orchards and green landscapes, intersected by  vine and
olive oil roads,

...sea food and other gastronomic specialties,

...Mediterranean atmosphere, beauties of Nature and cultural heritage,

...the whole century tourism tradition, open and convivial inhabitants...

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